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Five Cheese Selection

Five Cheese Selection

Choose from any 5 of these gorgeous cheeses to add to your 5 Cheese Selection Bag value bundle. They are all equally as delicious; this bundle allows you to choose which cheeses you would like to purchase, sort of like a pick'n'mix... but with cheese!

  • Bath Soft Cheese (250g) Supreme Champion 2019 Artisan Cheese Awards The flavour is mushroomy and creamy and, when young, has a hint of lemons. Towards the end of its life, it develops a garlicky taste. This cheese is based on a recipe from the 1700s and is mentioned in a letter from Lord Nelson. Leave at room temperature for an hour before serving to get a gooey texture.

  • Wyfe of Bath (250g) Supreme Champion 2019 International Cheese Awards Succulent, nutty, and creamy. This semi-hard cheese is redolent of buttercups and summer meadows. Similar to a Gouda in texture, it resembles the cheese farmers’ wives would make out of soured milk. It is matured for 4-6 months. Wyfe of Bath takes its name from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and, like the tale, when you cut into a Wyfe of Bath you will get a taste of old England
  • Bath Blue (200g) Supreme Champion 2014 World Cheese Awards A classic blue veined cheese - it has been likened to Stilton. A creamy cheese that retains some of the blue piquancy but is not as strong as the majority of blue cheeses. Best Cheese in the World!

    • Merry Wyfe (Segment) 200g UK Champion 2019 International Cheese Awards Made by washing the pressed curds of a Wyfe of Bath in cider every other day for four weeks. The pasteurized cider is made on the farm by Graham Padfield, with apples he has grown. The crystalized rind comes from the cider breaking down the amino acids and peptides (chains of amino acids). The distinctive orange rind, which comes from the cider wash, imparts earthy and umami tones in a creamy, buttery paste. A rich, slightly sweet, fruity long-lasting flavour. It’s called Merry Wyfe because she is a little tipsy after her cider bath!
      • Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath (200g) Mature version of our 2019 Supreme Champion This is a Wyfe of Bath that has matured for between 12 and 18 months. Stronger in taste but still retaining its creamy consistency and an additional fudge-like aftertaste.

      The best way to make a perfect cheeseboard!

        Free next-day delivery when the next day is a normal Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Saturday deliveries incur an additional charge. No deliveries on Sunday or Monday. Orders placed over the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday. If you are interested in a larger amount of cheese, why not try our 4 Cheese Selection Bag/3 Cheese Selection Bag

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        Clynton Keel
        Five Cheese Selection

        Great cheese, had some at Xmas, and liked so much I ordered some for my Birthday. Its great cheese what more can i say ;)

        E L
        Great service

        Ordered a selection of cheese for a gift, however there was an issue with the address and it couldn't be delivered. The staff swiftly and efficiently arranged for the order to be resent as soon as possible. The recipient was very happy with the gift, and I was very happy with the friendly efficient service.

        Debbie Newcombe
        Christmas cheese Selection

        Great selection of cheeses . Excellent for Christmas or anytime x

        Angie Allen
        Fab cheese, great service

        We love what you do and how you produce your cheeses. Efficient delivery, well packaged and great delight 😊

        Laura Worsdell
        5 fabulous cheeses for a present

        Brilliant box of cheeses for my son. Easy to order. Arrived in great condition.
        Highly recommend