An ever-growing number of our customers now use our home delivery service to receive our award-winning cheeses straight to their door.
It’s fast, simple and often free.
Free Mainland UK delivery when you spend over £30
Our Mainland UK delivery charge is £5 for orders under £30.
Below are some frequently asked questions.
This information is for your guidance and is not a guarantee.

How are the cheeses kept cool?

We include frozen gel or water packs with each cheese order to keep it cool. These are non-toxic and can be re-used.

Can I include delivery instructions with my order?

We send out our deliveries with DPD. If you need to request your parcel to be left with a neighbour or in a safe place, please download the DPD app and follow the instructions.
You can add a gift message for your recipient of up to 140 characters. 
Please do not use this to request a specific delivery time, or for your order to be split across multiple addresses (which will incur additional delivery charges) in the ‘Delivery Instruction’ or ‘Order Notes’ windows.

If my order is a gift or for a special occasion, can it be gift wrapped?

All our orders are packed in a complimentary gift bag if not already in a gift box or hamper as standard. If ordering  for a special occasion we recommend having it delivered to you, or to your recipient a few days earlier, to avoid disappointment, in case there is a delay in transit.

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will normally be delivered between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. on the date you choose. To receive the most accurate tracking information, including a 1 hour delivery window,  please provide your phone number and email address at checkout.
Please note we cannot deliver on a Sunday or Monday & the cut-off for next day delivery is 12pm.
At the checkout page, you will be able to select delivery for the day of your choosing up to 6 months in advance. During busy times, we often increase our capacity incrementally on a rolling basis so, if a date is unavailable please check back again as we may have increased the number of parcels we can accept.

 What dates will my cheese have when it arrives?

All cheeses are cut and prepared by our expert cheesemongers and will have at least 7 days shelf life from the date of despatch, and may well have a much longer life, depending on demand.
*All orders delivered between the 8th of December and 24th will have at least a 25th of December date or beyond, if you want cheese for new year, please choose a date from the 13th of December.*

Is it possible to place multiple orders in one transaction?

If you would like to send cheese to multiple addresses, please place a different order for each address.

         How will my order be packaged, and how can I dispose of it responsibly?

Our grey outer boxes are fully recyclable and compostable, and our larger brown boxes are also recyclable.
Our tape is made from kraft paper and can also be recycled or composted.
Occasionally we use void fill to protect your order but these are soluble and compostable.
The clear wrap on our cheese segments is also compostable, though this may change based on availability.
Our bubble wrap and gel packs are reusable, but unfortunately not yet compostable.

When are the cows milked

The cows are milked twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon at around 2.30pm. This usually lasts around an hour and can be seen from our milking parlour on the farm. 

Do you sell plants in the shop? 

We do! We have all sorts of wonderful plants which are available to buy from the shop from April to September:)

Can I eat cheese if I'm pregnant? 

Here is some info we found on the NHS website

You're safe to eat some milk and dairy foods, including:

  • All hard cheeses, such as cheddar, Parmesan or Gruyere
  • Pasteurised semi-hard and soft cheeses, such as cottage cheese, mozzarella, feta, paneer, ricotta, halloumi, cream cheese, cheese spreads, or goat's cheese without a white coating on the outside (rind)
  • Any cheese that has been thoroughly cooked until steaming hot

Do you allow dogs in the shop?

Dogs are not allowed inside but, as long as they are kept outside and on a leash at all times, they are very welcome.

Our café has outdoor seating, and huts available for our furry friends.

Do you sell fresh milk? 

We do! We have a milk machine which dispenses 1L of fresh full fat milk at a time.

You can bring your own container or we have glass bottles available to purchase in our cheese shop.

Is your cheese pasteurised? 

We gently pasteurise our milk by heating it and holding it at 63°C for 30 minutes. This approach means that the milk is guaranteed to be free of any nasties when we start cheesemaking – not that we’d expect there to be any!


What is the difference between Pasteurised and Raw milk?

Raw milk comes straight from the cow and does not undergo pasteurisation, whereas pasteurised milk is heated to a high temperature which kills off any harmful bacteria, such as Listeria, and reduces the risk of illnesses. 

All our milk is pasteurised and we do not sell raw milk.

Do you have any physical shops outside of Bath? 

At London Borough Market, we have a cheese stall and Bath Dairy, is our hot food stall - where you can buy delicious dishes made from our cheese, and also creamy milkshakes.

Do you have disabled access? 

Our café has disabled access and we also have a disabled toilets in the café (please ask a member of staff if you wish to use it).  

Unfortunately both our viewing galleries are on the first floor and, therefore, not accessible.

What coffee do you use in the café? 

We use coffee from Round hill Roastery, as it is delicious and local to us! 

What goes well with cheese? 

This is very much up to personal preference, but here is a list of some delicious accompaniment choices: 

- Chutneys
- Honey 
- Quince 
- Bread 
- Crackers
- Wine, Beers, Cider 
- Chocolate 

But of course, some people may prefer to have it on it's own on some nice bread/crackers! 

Is there parking?

Yes, we have plenty of parking available for everyone 

Are there toilet facilities?

We have 2 toilets available outside by our play area, as well as a disabled toilet inside. 

Do you sell whey?

We can sell whey! If you are interested in buying some, please contact us at sales@parkfarm.co.uk.

Do you have vegetarian dishes?

We have plenty of vegetarian options on our menu, including some weekly specials! 

Do you serve plant-based milk alternatives with your hot drinks?

We serve oat, coconut and soya milk in our café

Do you have gluten free products in the café?

We have an amazing in house baker who produces an abundance of delicious cakes and bakes, including gluten free options. 

When can I place Christmas orders?

We tend to launch our Christmas range around mid-October, but you can order at any time. We recommend choosing a delivery date after the 8th of December to ensure your cheese will be in date for Christmas Day. 

This year our last delivery date for Christmas orders will be the 20th of December.

Do you send cheese abroad?

Currently we are only able to delivery to mainland UK 

How long does your cheese last once opened?

All our cheeses come with a use by date attached to the wrapper. We would recommend consuming the cheese before the date expires. 

Are all your cheeses vegetarian?

Our Wyfe of Bath, Merry Wyfe, Mozzarella and Kelston Park are all vegetarian. However, our Bath Blue and Bath Soft Cheese are NOT vegetarian as they contain a traditional rennet.