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Three Cheese Gift Bag

Three Cheese Gift Bag

This Three Cheese Gift Bag includes three of our award-winning cheese with complimentary cheese biscuits and chutney

  • Bath Soft Cheese (250g) Supreme Champion 2019 Artisan Cheese Awards The flavour is mushroomy and creamy and, when young, has a hint of lemons. Towards the end of its life, it develops a garlicky taste. This cheese is based on a recipe from the 1700s and is mentioned in a letter from Lord Nelson. Leave at room temperature for an hour before serving to get a gooey texture.

  • Wyfe of Bath (250g) Supreme Champion 2019 International Cheese Awards Succulent, nutty, and creamy. This semi-hard cheese is redolent of buttercups and summer meadows. Similar to a Gouda in texture, it resembles the cheese farmers’ wives would make out of soured milk. It is matured for 4-6 months. Wyfe of Bath takes its name from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and, like the tale, when you cut into a Wyfe of Bath you will get a taste of old England
  • Bath Blue (200g) Supreme Champion 2014 World Cheese Awards A classic blue veined cheese - it has been likened to Stilton. A creamy cheese that retains some of the blue piquancy but is not as strong as the majority of blue cheeses. Best Cheese in the World!

  • The Cherry Tree Chutney  (3 x 35g)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers from The Fine Cheese Co

All cheeses included in our three-cheese gift bag are made on the farm with fresh milk from our own cows.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mrs G
Easy ordering and Good Communication about delivery!

We ordered a gift of cheeses to be delivered to relatives over Christmas. I know that they received it, because Bath Soft Cheese acknowledged delivery. No word from the relatives (rude!). We also bought a selection for ourselves and have enjoyed all of them over a number of festive days- the Merry Wyfe being a particular favourite- with rosemary crackers and fig chutney.

Stephanie Fry
Three Cheese Gift Bag

Both orders were amazing value and my friends very much enjoyed