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The Round Hill

The Round Hill

A real show-stopper

The Round Hill Celebration Cheese Cakes has plenty of cheese for between 150-200 people and weighs approximately 15.5kg.

The base starts with a solid 3kg of a lovely strong Westcombe Cheddar.
Followed by 1.2 kg Bath Brie.
Plenty of Bath Blue at 4.5kg for those who like punchy flavour.
A large whole Wyfe of Bath at 2.7kg is a lovely milder option that still has plenty of nutty buttery flavour.
Two Kelston Park with a sunny citrusy scent adds another 1.2kg of soft to the stack. Four of our namesake Bath Soft Cheese (only two pictured here) make sure that there will be plenty of soft cheese to share around.
And the final piece de resistance is a wedge of Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath laid on its side to create dramatic height and an elegant finish for this stunning celebration cake. From £1.74 to £2.32 per person.

Looking for a grand cheese celebration cake or wedding cake? A resplendent centrepiece for a party? Do you want a mountain of cheese piled beautifully on your dining room table… look no further! Your cheese celebration cakes will be dispatched to you disassembled. It will include structure boards to help form layers. Follow our helpful instructions or go cheese crazy and use your creativity to assemble it just the way you want.  You can get in touch with us and talk about how we can make the perfect cake for you.

Tasting and consultation:

If you want to book an appointment then please do call the office and have a chat with us on 01225 331601 *Please be aware that we may need 5 - 7 weeks’ notice to prepare for a Celebration Cheese Cake which uses a wheel of Brie. This is because we don’t make Brie every week, but only for special occasions. If you need your cake quickly then give us a call and we can talk through some of the other options.
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