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Father's Day Bundle

Father's Day Bundle

Treat your loved one to a perfectly paired cheese and beer gift box! 

This bundle includes: 

Bath Blue (200g) Supreme Champion 2014 World Cheese Awards A classic blue veined cheese - it has been likened to Stilton. A creamy cheese that retains some of the blue piquancy but is not as strong as the majority of blue cheeses. Best Cheese in the World!
Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath (200g) Mature version of our 2019 Supreme Champion This is a Wyfe of Bath that has matured for between 12 and 18 months. Stronger in taste but still retaining its creamy consistency and an additional fudge-like aftertaste
Bath Blue Cheese Straws - Our Brand New Bath Blue Cheese straws make for a perfect snack and go beautifully with our Bath Blue and a refreshing alcoholic beverage!
Werrrd! - American Pale Ale by Electric Bear

Mixtape - Helles Lager by Electric Bear
Fine Cheese Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt
Cheeseboard  Chutney: The Cherry Tree (210g)- This fruity favourite is an absolute must-have for cheese and crackers after dinner

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Juliette van Helsdingen

Amazing cheese and such lovely gift presentation

Timothy Pyle
Brilliant Birthday Present

Bought this for my brother-in-law who doesn’t live nearby, it arrived on time at short notice and he loved the pairing & quality of the cheese, he was very pleased, so thank you, much appreciated!