When Calves Come Early

Sometimes life throws little surprises your way …
We like to keep a careful eye on our cows when they are due to calve (give birth). We bring them into a warm barn with lots of loose straw bedding and check on them every few hours, including checks at 11 pm and 4 am before the morning milking starts. However, sometimes newborns arrive a little earlier than expected. When they’re still a month or two from calving we move mum into the field next to the farm buildings (and cafe) to keep a closer eye on them.
Surprisingly for us, on a chilly October morning, we were greeted by the sight of this small premature calf and their mother stood proudly in the field by the big walnut tree. It was a damp day so we quickly got mother and calf into the cosy barn where they’re both happy and doing well.