Rescuing a Cow From The River

Many thanks to the men and women of Avon Fire & Rescue who helped us rescue one of our cows from the river last week. During the summer months, cows in search of better grazing sometimes fall into rivers and about a mile of our farm’s boundary is the river Avon. If a cow does fall in they normally get out unassisted but in some places the bank is steep and this can be difficult. Cows are good swimmers, their udders and gassy bowels provide a lot of buoyancy, but if they’re in the river too long and struggle too much they can get dangerously cold and tired. It’s dangerous and difficult getting a large cow out of the river particularly when she’s tired and distressed. It took a boat, a team from Avon Fire & Resue, a lot of straps, a digger and a few hours but luckily she was unharmed and grazing happily once she was out.