As a small company in a big world, we feel it necessary to take every precaution we can when it comes to looking after our planet and we hope that you feel the same way. Recently we have been exploring different ways in which we can make a difference. One of the current movements we are interested in is Regenuary.

What is Regenuary? 

A movement which helps to increase sustainable eating habits urging people to really think about where their produce is coming from, as well as trying to choose produce which has followed the regenerative farming approach through the month of January. 

Aspects to look out for when it comes to this type of farming are: 

  • Not consuming any imported produce 
  • Seasonal goods only 
  • Locally grown produce 
  • Any produce must abide by regenerative agricultural methods. 

Why take part in Regenuary? 

This agricultural technique raises biodiversity, enriches soils, strengthens ecosystem services and enhances watersheds. In other words, us making a few small changes in our lives can have a vast positive impact on the environment. 

2 ways in which we take part in regenerative farming are: 

  • Through our cows grazing, we are able to reduce our co2 emissions and instead increase the richness of our soil – ‘proper grazing protocols can regenerate soil systems and ecosystem functions’ (Russel, A., Texas A&M AgriLife Communications, 2021) 
  • As we are an organic farm, we do not use any artificial fertilisers, instead we use clover and manure to bring nutrients to the soil. This alone indicates that organic food has a significantly lower impact on our carbon footprint compared to non-organic food production. 

Get involved in this movement by following a few of the following steps: ]

  • Buy from local regenerative producers
  • Buy from small producers including farm shops and farmers markets. 
  • Ask questions, spread awareness, do research. 
  • Share experiences on social media #Regenuary