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Ventenac 'Tête en L'air' Chardonnay

Ventenac 'Tête en L'air' Chardonnay

Grape - Chardonnay

Where - Languedoc-Roussillon, France

What - You can thank Stephanie & Olivier Ramé for bringing the Maison Ventenac "Téte en l'air..." into our lives. This 100% Chardonnay bangs. They're an interesting winery, with vineyards in Cabardès which is the only place in big ol' Languedoc where Atlantic and Mediterranean grape varieties are allowed to be grown. Their interest lies heavily in terroir, wanting to showcase the best of their limestone, chalky soils that produce wine with characteristic freshness and salinity. 

This is a bit of an accidental wine. When they tried their first vintage, they forgot to mature the juice in oak, as is traditional in Ventenac. No matter, it tasted better this way and, thus, the "Téte en l'air..." Chardonnay was born and they've never looked back

A cracking Chardonnay if we do say so ourselves! You'll be treated to beaming citrus, cream and mango notes. Super lemony with a classic minerality. 

Perfectly paired with our Merry Wyfe and Bath Soft Cheese. 

Mineral, citrus, delicious. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. ABV 12.5%. 

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