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Folc Rosé and Wyfe

Folc Rosé and Wyfe

Introducing the new English Folc Rosé, a harmonious fusion of dry and fresh flavours that embodies the essence of English vineyards. With a captivating pale pink hue reminiscent of a summer dawn, this rosé beckons you to indulge in its delightful aroma of fresh red berries, juicy watermelon, and delicate florals.

To enhance your wine experience, we proudly offer the Wyfe of Bath and Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath, perfectly paired with the rosé. The nutty and caramel texture of Wyfe of Bath cheese and the nutty complexity of Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath create a delectable symphony of flavours that perfectly harmonize with the rosé's vibrancy.

Alongside the Cherry Tree's Cheeseboard Chutney (210g) with our Bath Square crackers. 

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or seeking a moment of indulgence, our Folc Rosé bundle promises an unforgettable journey through exquisite flavours and artisanal delights. Cheers to the joy of discovery and the pleasure of fine living!

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