Celebration Cakes

Whether you are looking for a grand wedding cake made of cheese, a resplendent centre piece for a party or if you just love our delicious cheese and want a stack of it piled beautifully on your dining room table… look no further!

These are examples of the wedding and celebration cakes that we have made in the past. You can either choose one of these or feel free to get in touch with us and talk about how we can tailor make the perfect cake for you!

Generally the cake will be dispatched to you disassembled so you can either follow our instructions or go cheese-crazy and use your creativity to assemble it just the way you want.

Tasting and consultation: we would love for you to come and visit our farm and taste the cheeses first hand. There will always be someone around to talk you through the various options available to you. If you want to book in an appointment then please do call the office and have a chat with us.

*please be aware that we need 7 weeks’ notice to prepare for a cake which uses a wheel of Brie. This is because we don’t make Brie every week- only for special occassions. If you need your cake quickly then give us a call and we can talk through some of the other options.

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  • The Feather

  • The Kelston Mill

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