Its the end of winter, the March winds have dried out the fields sufficiently to bear the weight of tractors and dungspreaders.  So it’s time to get the winter’s muck out on the fields to make the grass grow.  The digger sits itself in the slurry lagoon and the dung spreaders back up to it.Read More…

Another week, another tasting

Every week we taste all of our cheeses. Although we follow the same recipe, natural variations in grass, silage, the weather and unknown  dark forces can make a huge difference to the final cheese.  

Swiss Cow

This is our first Brown Swiss cow, We bought her from another farmer for £2,000. She has just had a female calf, which will be fully grown in two and a half years time. By then she will give birth to a calf of her own and produce milk herself.

Record Rainfall

Record rainfall has flooded our river meadows again. It doesn’t matter too much. At this time of year all the cows are housed, so the swans have the fields to themselves.

Christmas at Borough Market

Happy new year. We hope you enjoyed our cheeses as part of your Christmas celebrations. We had a great Christmas, particularly at Borough market where we had this huge stand and enjoyed meeting a lot of people there. Sadly we had it just for the Christmas season, our own pop-up shop. So we’re not atRead More…

Burning the midnight oil

Here is a photo of Yarek, our cheesemaker milling the blue cheese curd. He  breaks the curd into walnut size pieces and puts them in the tall 8 inch diameter moulds. The curd has to be just the right texture to get nice marbled blue veins in the finished cheese. If the curd is tooRead More…

month of mists and muddy fruitfulness

October, because of the rain, has been a month of mists and muddy fruitfulness. The mild weather has has brought forth a flush of grass and despite the mudddy gateways the cows still like to get out to graze. Here they are coming in for milking on a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid October.

Swedish Red

This cow is very proud of her baby, as are the other parents in the picture ( and the grandparents out of the picture)……….And she should be proud because her calf  is our first  from a Swedish Red bull. The Swedish Red breed is renowned for good health and it is claimed that  when crosswithRead More…