Bath Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

Enjoy your salads and crudites more with this creamy and indulgent Bath Blue Cheese Dressing recipe. 200g Bath Blue Cheese, crumbled 50ml – 100ml whole milk 50g -100g good-quality mayonnaise 1 tsp dijon mustard 1/2 tsp white wine vinegar Mix 3/4 of the crumbled blue cheese with 50ml of milk, 50g of mayonnaise, the dijonRead More…

Wyfe of Bath and red onion crisps

These have to be tried! So easy and so delicious… just eat them ASAP whilst they still have their crunch! Ingredients: Literally just Wyfe of Bath cheese and red onion (it’s just too easy not to try!) Instructions: Preheat the over to 250C Use about 1 dessert spoon of grated Wyfe of Bath cheese perRead More…

Primroses, The first flowers of Spring.

Yes, the word primrose comes from the latin, meaning literally the “first rose”, and they thrive on our organic farm. Soon the cows will be grazing in the fields, eating grass and a few flowers too. The milk composition will change with the spring grass. Can you taste the difference in the cheese?

It’s wedding cake season!

Cheese is the perfect way to celebrate in style!   As 2017 pushes on we have been showing off our beautiful (and delicious!) cheese wedding cakes at local wedding fayres. Cheese wedding cakes are all the trend nowadays; they are an excellent and elegant gluten free option and a must have energy boost to carryRead More…


It’s the 24th of October, and the leaves are turning colour. The cows have chosen to come back to the Yard for silage. The grass is stale and has almost stopped growing. The cows cannot speak but their actions speak louder than words. They are saying in no uncertain terms …….”We want SILAGE!” And weRead More…


Happily lying down these  cows appear to be doing nothing, but actually they are doing something very important. They are ruminating. This means that the grass they have eaten over the last few hours is being regurgitated from the rumen to have a good chewing in the mouth before being swallowed again . This is Read More…

Autumn marches on!

It’s October and the cows are still out at grass, bathed in sunshine. But in the near distance a black cloud approaches, a reminder that autumn marches on and we must get the housing ready for winter.

New parlour, first milking

Yes after 34 years the old parlour was due for a refurb. Here it is with lots of automation and computerised feeding!


Celebrations are in order! We have won some amazing awards at the International Cheese Awards, 3 of which were awarded Gold! The results are as follows: Bath Soft Cheese won GOLD for Best Soft Cheese with rind Bath Blue won GOLD for Organic Cheese (UK) Wyfe of Bath won GOLD for Best Organic Cheese –Read More…

Cows Crossing

Summers here and the time is right for walking in the street. Yes , every summer the cows cross the road early morning to reach grazing in the further fields.

Summer Evenings

Long summer evenings  and the cows are quietly grazing. The wettest June for years means the grass is growing like blazes. The cows are happy and so are we…..lots of grass means more milk, and more milk means more cheese!