New Cheese Dairy

No,we have not started making block cheese. But we are making a new cheese dairy, and the orange packs are the insulation for tbe floor.  


This is one of our hay fields. It is full of wild flowers. In the winter as well as eating grass and clover silage our cows will be able to ruminate on a field full of daisies. You must try the cheese.

Silage and grass

It’s summer and the showery weather has brought on lots of grass. So we are putting it into the clamp to be rolled down tight and covered up with a plastic sheet to keep the air out. Then the bacteria on the grass work away converting the sugars into acid. The acid preserves the grassRead More…

New Cheese Dairy

The time has finally come to move to a brand new cheese dairy. Over the next 8 months it will rise from the old calf shed we are converting. We will be posting updates and photos to keep you informed, watch this space!

Murky Mellow Misty March morning

Yarek our cheese maker peers through the tractor windscreen as he tows the milk tank from the milking parlour to the cheese dairy

Which is field ? Which is river?

The wet January and February has swollen the river to breaking point and the river meadows in the flood plain are doing what is expected of them……..    holding water ! The grass can stand inundation at this time of year, but when temperatures rise the vegetation will rot . So we are hoping theRead More…

The midnight oil

Christmas time is here, the season of goodwill, and for us cheesemakers, the season of good sales. In fact, the season of astronomical sales. Every one is working hard to keep the show on the road. Here is a photo of Matt getting the next days orders ready. It is midnight and he still hasRead More…

Little calf lost

Every calf born is a sort of miracle, It is also miraculous that a first time mother or heifer knows what to do when a calf appears at her feet. Of course there are variations in mothering instinct and some times we have to help. This little calf came into the world a few daysRead More…


  We have had a great summer of shows and markets and along the way we have picked up many awards for our delicious cheeses. The wyfe of Bath had an outstanding summer winning gold at both the International and Global cheese awards with the Bath blue matching this by winning gold at both theRead More…

Moos out for summer

Its the 22nd of April, the frost has gone, the sun is out and the fields are dry. At last we can let the cows out. They have been indoors for nearly six months so its a relief to all of us to see them relishing the grass. The milk is up, so now we can increase cheese production and build up theRead More…


Its the end of winter, the March winds have dried out the fields sufficiently to bear the weight of tractors and dungspreaders.  So it’s time to get the winter’s muck out on the fields to make the grass grow.  The digger sits itself in the slurry lagoon and the dung spreaders back up to it.Read More…

Another week, another tasting

Every week we taste all of our cheeses. Although we follow the same recipe, natural variations in grass, silage, the weather and unknown  dark forces can make a huge difference to the final cheese.