Edward The Bull

Here is our latest alpha male. His name is Edward, he is an Aberdeen Angus and he is 18 months old and will be fathering about one calf a week .

Spring is coming…..

Spring is coming and the cows are waiting to go out to new grass, but someone has beaten them to it . This is a visiting cygnet grazing the lush growth by the river.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a custom gift box

This Mother’s Day customise your own gift box with a selection of our cheeses, chutneys and crackers. Beautifully packaged, all produce is local, artisanal and tasty! Available all weekend at our shop. Come in and make your own special gift.

Friday Cheese tasting

Friday afternoon, the weekly clean is done, so now we taste the cheeses. Everyone has different opinions, but somehow we arrive at a consensus.

Visit our new Cafe and Cheese Shop

We are excited to announce the opening of our brand new Cafe and Cheese Shop. A small and intimate space with a contemporary decor style. It is situated on our dairy farm in the same building as our cheese production. You can watch the cheese being made, have a tour of the premises (advance bookingRead More…


Summertime officially ends as the clocks fall back, but the Indian summer has brought on our newly reseeded clover leys. So the cows still luxuriate in the fields of abundant grass


Friday afternoon and it is time to sit down and formally taste our cheeses and informally taste some wine.


Here we are again in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. There is still grass to be grazed and thanks to  the Indian summer there is no mud, so the cows are  happy. But in the early misty mornings sometimes its  difficult to find the herd.

Bath Blue

This is the most Blue we have made in one batch. Enough curd is in the trays to make 28 Bath Blues weighing 8 kilos each. The curd needs to rest overnight before it is broken up into “walnut size pieces “. Then it is mixed with a little salt, and put moulds. After muchRead More…


September seeding in the evening sun .we plough and reseed our fields every few years to control weeds and establish clover. To create a good seedbed needs the right combination of sunshine and showers. This year has been about right, with a fine seedbed and plenty of dust following the seed drill.