Little calf lost

Every calf born is a sort of miracle, It is also miraculous that a first time mother or heifer knows what to do when a calf appears at her feet. Of course there are variations in mothering instinct and some times we have to help. This little calf came into the world a few days earlier than expected, and the confused  mother  had wandered off with the herd. Her calf was left all alone lying down in the tall weeds by the hedge.
It is a difficult situation for the farmer as a calf that is a few hours old has very little knowledge of the world, and if disturbed the instinct to flee takes over and it will run like the wind until it finds somewhere to hide.  So the best strategy is to leave the calf  well alone and wait for the mother to come back and properly adopt her calf.  This demands time and patience especially if the mother has disappeared into the next field.
It was later in the afternoon that we went back, and were relieved to find mother and son reunited and bonding nicely. We got them both in before the storm, and now she’s giving us lots of milk for cheese making.