Get To Know Your Cheesemakers

What better way to fill this glorious March weather than to fantasise about your favourite cheese-based combinations?

We sniffed out our busy cheesemakers and quizzed them on all things cheesy – and here are some of their answers….

What was your favourite cheese growing up? (apart from Bath Soft – obviously!)

” I loved Vacherin Mont D’or on holiday in France, but any strong soft cheese will do.” – Pad

Has your family tried your cheese, and what did they think? 

” They love it! They bought it from their local deli before I even worked here. My family in law, who are Swiss, especially love having a cheesemaker in the family.” – Kate

What was it like making the Supreme Champion Cheese?

It was just another day making cheese. Nothing stood out and everything went to plan. On the make day we try to make a curd that feels right, but this is just a part of the process. The rest of the magic happens during the ripening. It’s always a fantastic feeling when you cut into a cheese that’s been ripening to find out it’s good! ” – David

What did you do before cheesemaking? 

I was a Food Technology Teacher.” – Kate

And if you weren’t making cheese now, where would you be?

Eating cheese.” -Pad

Which cheese would you recommend to a beginner cheese fan?

“The Merry Wyfe or the Wyfe Of Bath. They’re both very nutty, easy flavours that don’t attack the tongue.” – Pad

What is your favourite Wine, and do you have any recommendations to go with our cheeses? 

“Pairing cheese with wine can be a magical thing but you need to take into account the ripeness of the cheese. I love our Bath Blue when it’s younger with a Sauternes, but when it’s riper I prefer a Port.” – David

“Montepulciano is easily my favourite wine but with our cheese I prefer something sweeter like a French Viognier Normy as they have more of a honey sweetness then dry tartness of other countries.” – Pad

And finally, If you could make a new cheese for Bath Soft Cheese, what would it be?

“I would definitely make more mozzarella or halloumi style cheese.” – Pad

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