Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath Wins A Three Star Taste Award!

Another year, another incredible award for our cheese! Our Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath cheese has won a coveted 3 Star Taste Award at the  Great Taste Awards. Only 205 were awarded out of over 12,777 entries. The judges described our cheese as having “fabulous flavour and nutty, fudge notes”.
As you may know, this isn’t our first award season – Wyfe of Bath won ‘Supreme Champion’ at Nantwich International Cheese Awards in 2019, while Bath Blue took the top prize at the World Cheese Awards in 2014. With all other contests on hold for 2020, Great Taste is the only awards we entered, which makes this latest accolade even more special.
All 12,777 products are put before panels of judges who include chefs, food producers, writers, retailers and other experts. Everything is blind-tasted by a table of three to four judges, either receiving no star, or one, two or three stars. They are then passed on to another table for a second opinion or to a top table of judges for their final word.
The process means that a three-star product is likely to have been judged by at least 30 people, ensuring that only the best get the coveted top rating. Our Extra Mature Wyfe of Bath won three-stars and then was selected by the Times newspaper to be included as the best 50 of these.
Thank you to everyone who continues to support our cheeses and to the judges at the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards. Our Covid-19 precautions mean that all our cheesemakers are having to work really hard, the award is a huge boost to our morale.