Celebrating Local

This week we’re celebrating our amazing local suppliers.
We know how lucky we are to be nestled in a beautiful corner of the country with such hard-working and talented local producers. Be it for our shop, cafe or website, we always try to select the best from what’s around us and support local businesses wherever we can.
Here’s a couple of our most used local suppliers that we absolutely love…
Our sourdough bread is supplied by Bertinet Bakery, they’ve been baking bread for the community since 2008, when Richard Bertinet first opened the doors to a pop-up bakery above his cookery school. The amazing feedback he received inspired the opening of The Bertinet Bakery.
Our Ice Cream comes from Marshfield Ice Cream, which after many years of hard work and long hours has grown to over 1,100 acres of organically farmed land. A lot has changed over the years, and in 2018 Marshfield Farm Ice Cream celebrated 30 years of ice cream making. At full capacity 2,500 litres of ice cream is made every hour – that’s enough to fill 31 bathtubs every hour!
In our shop we have a selection of Ciders from Honey’s Cider, when the Honey’s bought the farm in Midford back in 1960, the old maps – like so many in Somerset – had ‘orchard’ marked on several grass paddocks. It took 42 years, but in 2002 Bob Honey revived that history by planting traditional Somerset grazed orchards of big, widely spaced trees giving the sheep and cattle shade and shelter.  In return, they keep the grass and provide fertility to the orchard soil.
When visiting our cafe you will notice our fabulous range of cakes, some of which are made by Em Rose Cakes, a self-taught baker and cake decorator currently living in Bath. (Follow @emrosecakes on social media at your own risk – warning, you will get hungry.)
If you are a local producer and would like to talk to us about your products, please do get in touch at sales@parkfarm.co.uk.