The Perfect Pair: Exploring the Art of Cheese Pairing with Chocolate

Chocolate and Cheese Cheeseboard

In the world of gastronomy, there are exquisite combinations that transcend the boundaries of flavour and awaken the senses in unforgettable ways. Among these culinary unions, few are as delightful and intriguing as the pairing of cheese and chocolate. The mere thought of creamy, savoury cheeses melding with rich, luscious chocolates can make any food enthusiast's heart skip a beat.

Does Chocolate go with Cheese?

Chocolate and cheese may seem like an unexpected culinary duo, but their remarkable compatibility is a testament to the endless possibilities of flavour. The richness of chocolate bars, whether dark, milk or white, can beautifully complement the creamy, savory, and sometimes tangy notes found in various cheeses. Together, they create a blend of taste and texture that lingers on the palate, offering a sophisticated and comforting gastronomic experience.

Can you eat Cheese and Chocolate together?

Absolutely, although indulging in the delightful combination of chocolate and cheese may initially sound unconventional, this pairing is a testament to the culinary world's endless creativity. The contrasting textures and flavours of rich, creamy chocolate and different cheeses create a harmonious and luxurious experience for the palate. The key is to experiment and find combinations that tickle your taste buds, offering a savory-sweet symphony that's perfect for special occasions or a unique dessert platter.

What Cheese goes well with Chocolate?

Coco Chemistry and The Bath Soft Cheese Company have teamed up to take you on a delectable journey through the world of cheese and chocolate pairing, exploring the perfect combinations of flavours, textures, and aromas. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds, expand your culinary horizons, and discover the secrets behind crafting the most exquisite chocolate for cheese pairings that will leave your guests swooning and your taste buds dancing with delight. So, grab your favorite wine or beverage of choice, settle in, and let's delve into the world of cheese and chocolate.


Bath Soft Cheese cheese and 75% Tanzanian Origin dark chocolate

Bath Soft Cheese cheese paired with 75% Tanzanian Origin dark chocolate

Bath Soft Cheese, renowned for its creamy centre and delightful mushroomy notes, forms a sublime union with the 75% Tanzanian Origin dark chocolate slab; this chocolate's intense bitterness and rich, fruity acidity elegantly complement the cheese's lush texture and earthy flavors. Together, they create a harmonious symphony of tastes, accentuated by the chocolate's spicy, peppery undertones and aromatic citrus profile, characteristic of the the region’s Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans.

Bath Soft Cheese - Award Winning Artisan Cheese (

Tanzania Dark 75% Slab | Coco Chemistry


The Merry Wyfe cheese and 65% Madagascar Origin dark chocolate

The Merry Wyfe cheese paired with 65% Madagascar Origin dark chocolate

The Merry Wyfe, bathed in cider and crafted from apples grown on the Bath Soft Cheese farm, finds its perfect match in the 65% Madagascar Origin dark chocolate bar. Sourced from the Madirofolo Plantation in North Madagascar, this chocolate boasts a complex flavour profile with citrus, liquorice, woody, slightly bitter, and acidic notes. The chocolate's floral and fruity undertones beautifully complement the cheese's cider-infused richness, resulting in a unique and harmonious pairing that tantalizes the palate with every bite.

Merry Wyfe - A cider washed rind cheese - Bath Soft Cheese (

Madagascar Dark 65% Slab | Coco Chemistry


Bath Blue cheese and 40% Ghana Origin milk chocolate

Bath Blue cheese paired with 40% Ghana Origin milk chocolate

The iconic Bath Blue cheese, known for its creamy yet crumbly texture, marbled with evenly spaced veins and a captivating aroma, forms a delightful partnership with the velvety 40% Ghana Origin milk chocolate slab. Crafted from Brazilian Forastero seedlings transplanted to Ghana in 1879, this chocolate is a symphony of flavours. It unveils luscious red fruit and chestnut notes, embraced by the robust cocoa essence, with hints of biscuits, honey, and caramel. This exquisite pairing harmoniously blends the cheese's charisma with the chocolate's decadent complexity.

Bath Blue Cheese - World Cheese Champion (

Ghana Milk 40% Slab | Coco Chemistry


The Wyfe of Bath cheese and 39% Ecuador Origin milk chocolate

The Wyfe of Bath paired with 39% Ecuador milk chocolate

The highly coveted Nacional cocoa beans from Ecuador's Arriba region set the stage for a sublime pairing with the Arriba milk chocolate bar. This chocolate boasts a deep, roasted cocoa essence, accompanied by lusciously sweet, caramel notes and delicate fruity hints. Its rich character finds a perfect counterpart in The Wyfe of Bath, a semi-hard cheese renowned for its nutty, sweet, and succulent flavours, reminiscent of the joys of summer. Together, they create a symphony of taste that celebrates the finest in cocoa and cheese, delivering an exceptional sensory experience.

Wyfe of Bath Cheese 250g Award Winning - Bath Soft Cheese (

Ecuador Milk 39% Slab | Coco Chemistry


We hope you enjoyed this read, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try some of the suggested pairings. Pairing cheese with chocolate is an art; we suggest starting with a variety of cheeses, from sharp to mild, and chocolates of varying cocoa percentages. Experiment, trust your taste, and create delicious pairings that delight your palate.


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