Season's Passing

A Christmas poem by our founder Graham Padfield

Seasons Passing

Another year has spun and, like a record played,
Reminds us of mortality with golden leaf fall days.
Moist and damp the autumn comes, the trees absorb their leaves.
The fields are green, and heavy rain has filled once famished streams.

Seasons come and seasons go, the weather will confound.
It forms the backdrop to the farm, the sun, and rain, and drought.
Come shortest day, (the Saturn feast, when servants ruled the day),
The cows desire their troughs filled full, an order we obey.

The silage clamp is shrinking, will it the winter last?
Then memories come flooding back, of desperate winters past.
Jet black night rules the world, bright planets overhead.
The farm’s a sea on which there float umbrella cattle sheds

The earth revolves, and rolls around and with the solstice gone,
The days draw out a brave new year, and light the evenings long.
And spring will come eventually, somehow it always does,
Then buds appear and then the flowers,
and tonnes and tonnes of grass.

Then cows and calves lie happy in their verdant leys,
And herbage swells the milk cheque, and bulks up crops of hay.
Some say life’s a battle, red in tooth and claw,
And somewhere in the world, some devil’s waging war.

For every population, man or beast or flock,
There’s something o’er the fence that some poor devil wants.
To covet stuff is human, but what we most desire,
Is the pleasure of a job well done, then feet up by a fire.

Happy Christmas !


We wish you a happy Christmas.

Enjoy the cheese and raise a glass to all the farm staff and cheese staff who will be working over the christmas period to look after the cows, keep the milk flowing and cheese ripening

Hopefully see you in the new year

From all at Bath Soft Cheese and Park Farm

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