Disposing of the packaging from your cheese orders

At Bath Soft Cheese we try to remain as sustainable and eco friendly as possible, here are some top tips on how to responsibly and sustainably dispose of the packaging that may come with your cheese order.

  • Brown Paper–  This can be recycled with cardboard.
  • Ice Packs– This can be reused, they are great for picnics/ camping, lunch boxes and ice baths. Alternatively the gel in these ice packs can be emptied around plants to help them absorb nutrients and retain moisture.
  • White Branded Paper Bags - This can be recycled with regular paper.
  • Starch Based Peanuts – This will simply dissolve in water, or they can be put in the home compost.
  • Oxo-Degradable Green Bubble Wrap – This can be recycled with household plastics.
  • Wood Wool – Wood wool is 100% biodegradable and can be put in home compost or simply as garden waste, or alternatively, this can be reused for gifting!
  • Grey Boxes– This can be recycled with cardboard.
  • Compostable Mailer Bag-  This bag can be disposed of with your food waste after use and is also suitable for home-composting.

We hope you found this helpful, different councils may have different recycling rules, so we always recommend contacting them first if you are not sure. 

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