Bath Soft Cheese & Truffles

Truffles were a legendary aphrodisiac of ancient Rome and we love a truffled cheese.
In previous years we have truffled some of our Bath Softs, our Kelston Parks and our Brie’s by slicing them in half horizontally and sandwiching in a layer of mascarpone mixed with minced black truffles. This year we’re experimenting with something new. We are seeing if we can add the flakes of truffle to the milk itself so the flakes and flavour of truffle run right through the curd and eventually the cheese. We’ve made a small number of soft cheeses using this method and they’re almost ready to taste. We’re also thinking about using the same method to truffle a few of our Wyfe of Bath cheeses. We think the sweet, caramel, nutty flavour of Wyfe of Bath will be complemented by the truffle

We are planning to have them ready for Christmas… a festive treat in the making.