Bath Soft Cheese fights plastic!

We have joined the fight against plastic… and it sadly isn’t an easy fight. It’s amazing how much plastic is used and how difficult it is to find alternatives, despite the huge amount of media attention on this hot topic.

However, we have made some strong headway.

The cafe has been using wooden take-away cutlery for a while, and moved to paper strawers. Encouraging steps are being taken towards ordering biodegradable coffee cups, which should come in very soon!

On the cheese making side we have just received our first order of Nature Flex made from cellulose film, which is certified as compostable in both industrial and home composting. We are using this to wrap our Merry Wyfe and Bath Blue segments to begin with- and you will be able to throw this wrapping in with your food waste.

We are still investigating ways of wrapping the Soft and the Wyfe of Bath in an environmentally friendly way as well.

Very excitingly are about to plug in our milk dispenser… this is going to sit outside the cafe and customers will be able to bring

their own bottles and fill them up with our delicious milk. The milk will be fresh- almost straight from the cows and won’t

need to touch plastic at all! We think this is a great move, and should help the local community access fresh, straight-from-the-farm, unhomogenised milk.