Award winning Blue Cheese and Caramelised Fig Ice Cream

If you visited us last weekend you will have seen a new, limited-edition ice cream flavour available in our cafe.  It’s Dr Gelato’s Blue Cheese and Caramelized Fig!

Dr Gelato is a Bath-based ice cream maker creating their own unique flavours available from their shop at No. 3 The Orange Grove. A few months ago they created the Bath Blue and Caramelised Fig Ice Cream which won Gold at the Taste of the West Awards. That’s right, our delicious Bath Blue can win awards as cheese and as ice cream – we’re very proud.

Here’s a bit more information about the ice cream from the chefs themselves:

“This flavour is creamy, fruity and packs a punch. We gently stir and caramelize the figs. Then we crumble the beautiful organic Bath Blue Cheese and melt it slowly, stirring continuously. Then we do our Dr G gelotologist thing and voila(!) a Taste of the West Gold Award! The salty, savoury deliciousness of the cheese contrasts beautifully with rich bursts of fruity sweetness from the caramelized figs”.

Follow Dr Gelato on social media @drgelatouk or visit their website here.