Watch our organic cheese being made by hand!

Come and watch our organic cheese being made whilst you eat one of our delicious toasties!

Some of the cheese making process can be a little dull to watch, and some of it happens behind closed doors! We wanted to share with you the more exciting elements of the various processes used in making our three signature cheeses. These times and days will change each week. Make sure to give our expert cheese-makers a wave and a smile!


This week the timings will be:*

Tuesday 21st: Bath Soft Cheese- cutting at 12pm, pouring at 1.30pm, turning at 3pm

Wednesday 22nd: Wyfe of Bath- milling up until 11am

Thursday 23rd: Bath Blue- pitching and cutting of the curd between 12pm and 1pm

Friday 24th: Bath Blue- milling up until 11am


*these timings are not set in stone and will vary.