Friday afternoon and it is time to sit down and formally taste our cheeses and informally taste some wine.

Bath Blue

This is the most Blue we have made in one batch. Enough curd is in the trays to make 28 Bath Blues weighing 8 kilos each. The curd needs to rest overnight before it is broken up into “walnut size pieces “. Then it is mixed with a little salt, and put moulds. After muchRead More…


September seeding in the evening sun .we plough and reseed our fields every few years to control weeds and establish clover. To create a good seedbed needs the right combination of sunshine and showers. This year has been about right, with a fine seedbed and plenty of dust following the seed drill.

Show Season

Show season is here! Here is our stall a the Bath and west show!

First cheese make in the new cheese room

At last. After a year of sweat and tears and borrowed money we are in the new cheese rooms. JUST IN TIME. The open day is in two weeks time on the 4th June!

Moving In

We are cuurenlty moving into our new cheese dairy here is us squeezing the the vat into its new home

World Cheese Awards

Here it is! The actual cheese that won the World Championship at the BBC good food show. Made by a team of staff and cows with the help of the terrain, weather, July grass and autumn ripening, this cheese was judged by an international team of experts to be the tastiest in the world. EnquiriesRead More…

New Cheese Dairy

No,we have not started making block cheese. But we are making a new cheese dairy, and the orange packs are the insulation for tbe floor.  


This is one of our hay fields. It is full of wild flowers. In the winter as well as eating grass and clover silage our cows will be able to ruminate on a field full of daisies. You must try the cheese.

Silage and grass

It’s summer and the showery weather has brought on lots of grass. So we are putting it into the clamp to be rolled down tight and covered up with a plastic sheet to keep the air out. Then the bacteria on the grass work away converting the sugars into acid. The acid preserves the grassRead More…

New Cheese Dairy

The time has finally come to move to a brand new cheese dairy. Over the next 8 months it will rise from the old calf shed we are converting. We will be posting updates and photos to keep you informed, watch this space!

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